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I love our music community and one of the things I love is that we care about each other. I am on the committee for the Tom Roady Memorial concert Tuesday, January 31st and what a blessing to learn about … Continue reading

Business cards When it is time to exchange business cards, you want to be prepared and don’t want to fumble through a pocket full of everyone else’s cards you’ve collected that day, or trying to find one of your cards … Continue reading

This is the Second Part of the Resources for Songwriters in a blog a couple days ago. I recommend the following books to every songwriter and artist! Invest the time to read and learn. as my friend, Ralph Murphy says, … Continue reading Keith Urban shares advice to songwriters! The Taste Of Country e-zine is a great resource to keep up with country artists, learn about what is happening in the industry – subscribe to the e-zine Today! Keith was in Nashville … Continue reading

I receive e-mails about every week from out of town songwriters asking for advice. I was just like you as I started writing lyrics in 1989, came to town for a CRS radio convention in 1995 and 1996. I found … Continue reading

I got an e-mail today from someone in Nashville looking for a booking agency. Below are ideas for artists who are looking for someone to book them I invite your feedback and suggestions: WHAT artists are doing what YOU want … Continue reading

Our journey is long as a songwriter or in the music business – a long way to our big goals and dreams – understatement, I know. However an idea to keep us on the journey – Yeas Of The Day! … Continue reading

My friend, Deb Austin Brown just sent this to me. Use it for your music journey. In the movie City Slickers, Curly explains to Billy Crystal’s character that the secret to life is “one thing.” When he asks what … Continue reading

Happy New Year and what are ya going to do about it to make it Happy? What are ya going to do to make it better than 2011 and past years? Are you going to do the same things you … Continue reading