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Doak Turner is a songwriter, website owner that lives in Nashville. Doak grew up in St. Albans, WV and also lived in Charlotte, NC for 15 years prior to moving to Nashville 2002.

From my friend, Ryan Bizarri, who recently has his first major song cut by a major artist: My life long dream to have a major country artist record a song that I wrote has been fulfilled! On April 7th, my … Continue reading

October 29th Paul Simon will perform a house concert at a private residence at 6:00 in Nashville. This is to honor the legacy of Phil Everly and benefit COPD Foundation. This is a special Acoustic Performance with Paul Simon. Tickets … Continue reading

October 15th, 2002 I made the move to Nashville (12 years ago), with the help of some friends. My friend, Roger Hughes flew from Charleston, WV to Charlotte, NC to help me finish packing and drive the 19′ U-Haul that … Continue reading

This is a new series for the Music Industry, adapted from the book, The Success Strategies 99 Timeless Strategies for Life’s Journey by Deb Austin Brown. Deb’s book was written from teaching these strategies to her students in St. Albans, … Continue reading

Note: I did this interview in November 2008 and it was published in American Songwriter Magazine, January 2009. A native of Isola, Miss., Hank Cochran moved to Nashville in January 1960 after living in California and touring the country with … Continue reading

Ballad After Ballad After Ballad After….zzzzz.   NOT THE WAY TO HAVE a Songwriters round! I recently attended a round at a well known venue and for about two hours, 95% or so of the songs were ballads or songs that … Continue reading

Songwriters and Venues – a great match – sometimes. I have been in Nashville for nearly (12) years and 100’s of songwriter nights. I’ve seen great things happen – such as hearing a great song for the first time and … Continue reading

By David M Ross Scott Borchetta: Behind The Curtain  PART 1 go to  for part 2. Big Machine President/CEO Scott Borchetta spoke to an intimate group of business leaders on behalf of Capitol One at Inc Magazine’s Grow Your … Continue reading

How to Thwart Music Equipment TheftBy Randy Rudder© 2014 CMA Close Up® News Service / Country Music Association®, Inc. From rock stars to up-and-comers towing U-Haul trailers, too many artists and musi­cians have been victims of equipment theft. Whether it’s … Continue reading

“The Top 5 Lyric Pitfalls–and How to Avoid Them”  by Jason Blume. Many of the writers whose songs I listen to at my workshops work long and hard on their lyrics, striving to find unique, fresh ways to tell their … Continue reading