Holiday Gifts for Songwriters and Musicians

That time of year and what do you get the musician and songwriter in your life? Judy Rodman sent an e-mail with suggestions, so some of these are from her and others that I have cultivated for gifts for the holidays!

Gifts $25 and under: Lisa Aschmann’s book, “1,000 Songwriting Ideas”, Ariel Hyatt’s books from Musician-focused novelty jewelry or t-shirt,  If you’re good with social media, offer to design a Facebook Page, CDs of favorite or new artists, or movie soundtracks, DVDs of artist performances or theatrical productions, A media (CD, DVD, etc) holder, 1 month general or pro level membership in Indie Connect.

Gifts $25 – $50.00, A gift card for iTunes, Tickets to a writer’s night, fav artist’s concert, symphony, ballet, musical, play, art museum or other creative event. Great for inspiration! A tune up or oil change from a trusted mechanic to get to the gig. A music stand, Dinner out – Taps & Tapas for dinner and music, Red Rooster for great BBQ, Bobby and Lucy Pinson’s new, Lucy’s Cafe on Music Row for lunch for that songwriter and musician. A string winder and or guitar capo and buy some guitar picks of various thickness and materials. Guitar stings and guitar strap also add to the package. Levy Guitar straps are nice!

Gifts $50 – $150: A better quality digital recorder. A year’s membership at Indie Connect, a vocal lesson, A shoulder/neck or whole-body massage to rid muscle tension, A Flip camera, A media (mp3, CD, DVD, or even vintage LP) player.

Visit Two Old Hippies in The Gulch for some great music industry & touring  clothes and accessories, Breedlove and Bedell Guitars (over $150 for guitars). They also have a great selection of books for any music lover! A gift certificate always works!

Gifts over $150: Speaker docks for mp3 players or other gear, Membership with NSAI is $150.00 Dance, guitar, piano or other lessons – I recomend Dave Isaacs for music lessons – on Music Row 615-483-8170) A new instrument from Two Old Hippies (see above) . Buy a workshop that starts in January- such as the Major Bob Songwriting workshop $400.00 for 3 months of once a week – every Tuesday night with hit songwriters, A&R people, artists, publishers and other industry pros for more details. Deanna Walker’s Monday night workshop at Vanderbut $340.00 with hit songwriters, publishers, artists. A day with a songwriter coach or a couple one on one consulting appointments.

Store the valuable recordings at Iron Mountain in Nashville. Disc Makers gift certificate for the CD project in the future. Get them in shape with personal training from Daniel Johnson and 615-517-6001. He is a great personal trainer in Nashville . A new website – I highly recommend is my web designer Michael Lovett  302-345-4927.

Pay for a demo – Billy Lee and Buddy Hyatt do a great job! Go to for their information.

How about a weekend at a very nice hotel in Nashviile? The HUTTON HOTEL on West End is first class with a great restaurant, gym and other great things for a get a way weekend right here in Nashville!

I hope this helps and Happiest of Holidays! Be sure to attend the Nashville Muse and Music Starts holiday party at Red Rooster on Wednesday, December 7th from 4:00-7:00. Stop in and say hello, have a beverage or meal and enjoy great fellowship with your songwriting family!




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