Music Starts 3 Year Anniversary

March 2nd, 2013 celebrated the 3 year Anniversary of a site I co-own with Will Carter, Music Starts 

The site idea came from a meeting in the Nashville Chamber of Commerce conference room with Ralph Schultz and Ron Samuels. Will had recently moved to Nashville for his financial business and to move his family from Michigan. He wanted to be a part of the music community, and as he said, “I feel like I am in Vegas and cannot find a felt table or slot machine”. The chamber did not know what to tell him to do for the music business. Will made the statement, “Someone should buy the red brick building across from ASCAP and put a sign over the door Music Starts Here with an arrow pointing to the door”!

Ralph and Ron asked us if we could build a website and one of Will’s past professions was working to build websites. They know the value of songwriters and artists coming to Nashville, having either good or bad experiences will reflect on Nashville as a community. If we educate those people visiting or new to town, everyone would win, some of those may move to town or the new ones stay in the community with knowledge for their journey.

We put together an outline with some friends of what the site should contain with knowledge of the music business. Working with Ralph in monthly meetings, we designed and I started asking pros in the music business if they would like to be interviewed for the site.  Every pro said they wish they would of had resources like the site when they started coming to or just moved to Nashville.We were in the video interview business with some of the greatest pros in the music business!

The launch was scheduled March 2nd , 2010 with theme 3,2,1,0 Launch! Avenue Bank came on board as a sponsor to help us cover the expenses of building the site – THANKS Avenue Bank! 300+ people attended the launch party as we had 70 video segments on the site and have expanded to 300+ interview segments with pro songwriters, publishers, PROs, musicians, vocal coach, image coach, bankers and other pros in the music business.Special THANKS to every pro who gave their time and insight to help the viewers of the videos on their music journey.

We are adding to the site in the very near future with new interviews, performances, resources  and other events happening in our community. Let us know how the site can be the best resource for your journey and how the site has helped you with your journey! Your suggestions for the site are requested to make it the best for the music community!

THANKS for your continued support of Music Starts and let’s work together in our great music community!


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