REO Speedwagon – “LIVE You Get What You Play For”

REO Speedwagon – “You Get What You Play For” – another example of a LIVE album bringing the band to the attention of teenagers in the 70’s. ¬†Yea, we’d heard of REO Speedwagon, as they toured like crazy. What a great concert band!
However, the LIVE album got us excited and wanting to see the band! “Riding The Storm Out” was on of the three songs that we could not end a party without hearing the song (other two – “Stranglehold” – Ted Nugent and “Green Grass and High Tides” – The Outlaws”).
“Flyin’ Turkey Trot” and “157 Riverside Avenue” along with “Keep Pushin” a song that still motivates me when times get challenging! “Golden Country” – what soul and emotion in those lyrics!
Yes those great AOR – Album Oriented Rock stations that would play “Ridin’ The Storm Out” any hour of the day or night – we miss that format for the 70’s.
Gary Richrath, guitarist for the band passed away this past week. Great riffs on those REO Speedwagon songs.
I was blessed to meet the band in the 80’s after a show and talked with Kevin Cronin a couple years ago as Victoria Shaw brought him to Nashville to paly in a couple songwriter rounds. First class guy and I thanked him for “Keep Pushin” song!
Go back and listen to the entire, “REO Speedwagon – LIVE You Get What You Play For” album this weekend! One of the best ever LIVE albums in music history!
Thanks for the great music Gary and REO Speedwagon! What is your favorite REO Speedwagon album and song? Comment below!