Staying Motivated on the Journey

What keeps you motivated on your songwriting journey? I asked some friends that are hit songwriters and below are how they stay inspired on the songwriting journey!

From Byron Hill “Assuming you’ve already learned the basics of the craft, you have to keep your mind as often as possible in that creative zone, that state of mind where you are receptive to the ideas when they come. We all sometimes get distracted by the business side of things, or by life in general, but I’ve found that staying in that creative zone as often as I can keeps me inspired and sort of immunizes me from the feelings of defeat and the frustrations that come during the lean times.” -Byron Hill

From Kim Williams :

I just kept meeting people that were as inspired as I was and kept my writing schedule booked solid. I got up at 6AM each morning and did an hour on the treadmill then a shower and didn’t slow down until 10 or 11 pm. I was writing with a lot of demo singers which were potential future artists. What time I wasn’t writing I was listening to conversations,  watching TV, or reading to keep a fresh line of ideas coming. Your mind has got to be in the business 24-7 if possible. I would even schedule writing sessions during great football games because I knew that’s when a lot of writers wouldn’t be writing. Anyhow, anyway, anything to get ahead of the game.  Kim

Please leave comments of how YOU stay inspired on your songwriting journey!

Have Fun and write a song you are proud of today! Doak

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